Section 26 | Standard Operating Procedures

  1. The Cabinet member responsible for policing, in consultation with the National Commissioner, the National Head of the Directorate, the National Director of Public Prosecutions and the Cabinet member responsible for the administration of justice must, after following a process of public consultation, within 12 months of the commencement of this Chapter, issue Standard Operating Procedures which must be observed by—
    1. the South African Police Service; or
    2. any other person or agency who or which is authorised in terms of the provision of any other law to investigate any offence in terms of any law,
      in the investigation of any offence or suspected offence in terms of Part I or Part II of Chapter 2 or any other offence or suspected offence which may be committed by means of, or facilitated through the use of, an article.
  2. The Standard Operating Procedures referred to in subsection (1) and any amendment thereto must be published in the Gazette.