Chapter 4 | Powers to Investigate, Search, Access or Seize

[Commencement date of Chapter 4 (except sections 38(1)(d)-(f), 40(3)-(4), and (41-44)): 1 December 2021]

Section 25 Definitions
Section 26 Standard Operating Procedures
Section 27 Application of provisions in this Chapter
Section 28 Search for, access to, or seizure of certain articles
Section 29 Article to be searched for, accessed or seized under search warrant
Section 30 Oral application for search warrant or amendment of warrant
Section 31 Search for, access to, or seizure of article without search warrant with consent of person who has lawful authority to consent
Section 32 Search for, access to, or seizure of article involved in the commission of an offence without search warrant
Section 33 Search for, access to and seizure of article on arrest of person
Section 34 Assisting police official or investigator
Section 35 Obstructing or hindering police official or investigator and authority to overcome resistance
Section 36 Powers conferred upon police official or investigator to be conducted in decent and orderly manner with due regard to rights of other persons
Section 37 Wrongful search, access or seizure and restriction on use of instrument, device, password or decryption key or information to gain access
Section 38 False information under oath or by way of affirmation
Section 39 Prohibition on disclosure of information
Section 40 Interception of indirect communication, obtaining of real-time communication-related information and archived communication-related information
Section 41 Expedited preservation of data direction
Section 42 Preservation of evidence direction
Section 43 Oral application for preservation of evidence direction
Section 44 Disclosure of data direction and search for, access to and seizure of articles subject to preservation of evidence direction
Section 45 Obtaining and using publicly available data or receiving data from person who has authority to disclose data